Nicole Beleske, Volunteer Coordinator, Cuyahoga County Public Library


Cuyahoga County Public Library offers more than books. Through volunteers, CCPL furthers its mission by being at the center of community life, creating an environment where reading, lifelong learning and civic engagement thrive. The Cuyahoga County Public Library is recognized for exceptional customer service. Its vision is to be the most convenient public library in the nation and everything it does is in support of improving the quality of life in Cuyahoga County.

Volunteers are guided by Volunteer Coordinator Nicole Beleske. Nicole has a degree in Education and has also earned her CVA. When the company where she worked closed, she took the job coordinating volunteers at CCPL, a job she says she “fell into but feel in love with.” She is also the mother of three: a 16-year-old son and 13-and-8-year-old daughters. She describes herself as the official family taxi driver. She volunteers in her children’s school and states that most people who know her would say she “lays it all out for people.”

In her role at CCPL, Nicole oversees the Library’s 636 active volunteers who help with a wide variety of programming including 1-2-3 Read, Homework Centers, STEAM, Adult Literacy and Literacy Liasons. The Library also have 6 food distribution sites and have recently partnered with Metro Health on the New Baby Literacy program. CCPL volunteers encourage reading to everyone of all ages and backgrounds and Nicole loves the many programs the Library offers as they benefit so many!

Nicole loves reading and her favorite books are Field of Fire by James Webb and The 13th Valley by John M. Del-Vecchio. She enjoys visiting her parents in Naples, Florida and likes most of the restaurants in Las Vegas but she’s made it clear that nothing compares to her mom’s cooking.

Nicole joined FVA in 2015 and she loves the ability to talk with others who understand what it’s like to work with and for volunteers. Nicole credits FVA with providing her a professional support network. Although she has not always been able to attend every workshop, she hopes the organization might one day be able to share workshops online to further connect members with each other.

Thank you, Nicole, for all you do!